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We rely on 3 Es for delivery- Expertise, Ethics and Economy. Our expert-driven, ethics-oriented economical solutions ensure that the security deployment is perfectly in sync with your business while at the same time giving you the peace of mind that trust and economic efficiency bring with them.

  • SecurityPlanning

    Security Planning

    We hand-hold organizations through various steps of initial assessment of the current security posture to the desired security framework that will incorporate the wide range of both external and internal security elements.

  • SecurityReview

    Security Review

    We review your entire security and network infrastructure and compliance status to advise you with the best of the security practices which are not just relevant to the present but also ahead of the curve.

  • ComplianceAdvisory

    Compliance Advisory

    We understand your compliance requirements and help you map your compliance with the business requirements in such a way that it becomes a business driver instead of an obstacle.

  • ProfessionalServices

    Professional Services

    We not only point out the holes, we also expertize in fixing them. When it comes to information security, no solution is alien to us. You can expect the same level of dexterity in the implementation of any security solution without second thoughts.

  • MSSP

    Managed Security Service Provider

    Security is a continuously evolving subject and in order for security to be invincible, it has to stay constantly relevant. Consequently, we not only assist in placing security solutions, but also maintaining them in the best of your interests.

  • SOC

    Security Operations Centre

    When security is the need and budget is the roadblock, you can always take a left turn towards our offshore SOC and be assured of it becoming a step in the right direction.

Core Services

  • Strategy and Advisory

    Strategy and Advisory

    Strategy and Advisory

    IT infrastructure of organizations has to both operate and expand the business while ensuring the security of data. We step in to secure it and eventually design a fortress out of it; ready to expand and smooth to operate. Read more
  • Consulting and Solutions

    Consulting and Solutions

    Consulting and Solutions

    Environments are secured in practice, not on papers. We understand this difference and with a touch of finesse, translate those secure blueprints into real architectures. Read more
  • Managed Security Services

    Managed Security Services

    Managed Security Services

    Not everyone needs everything; except for personalized services of course. Whether you need just a plank or the entire forest, we are flexible enough. Read more

Our Partners

We don’t brag to reach everywhere alone, we rely on our partners’ expanse while they relax due to our capabilities. While the partner earns the praise of the customer, we stand at their back for the next big thing.