Construction Management

With decades of experience in engineering and construction; Our professionals will manage projects successfully by meeting three important factors i.e. Cost, Schedule and Quality.

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Construction Management Services

Construction Management services include:

  • Estimating

    Estimating & Cost Control

    We view the estimating phase as an essential part of the planning process. By understanding the cost component, a realistic plan can be developed that meets a project’s requirements.

  • Scheduling


    We monitor program activities and update master schedules with appropriate notations. We carefully examine projects in light of broader base goals and programs.

  • QualityManagement

    Quality Management

    We have refined a highly effective quality program that fosters a culture of continuous improvement. We use various tools to benchmark and monitor performance with respect to a contract’s objectives and standards.

  • HealthSafety

    Health & Safety

    Our Health & Safety Program ensures that all safety guidelines/regulations are followed and that strict practices are in place to ensure the safety of persons involved on any given project.

  • StartupPlanning

    Startup, Planning & Budgeting

    Our professionals are adept at identifying potential impacts and conflicts, alternative courses of action, schedule viability, potential risk factors as well as in preparing reviews of engineering cost estimates.

  • Commissioning

    Commissioning and Close out

    Our professionals are experts in providing as-builts and preparing close out and commissioning plans and submittals. We ensure the provision of a full commissioning report with close-out documents for each and every project.

  • Construction

    Construction Coordination

    Our organization is structured to enhance efficient resource management, problem resolution, and coordination. We manage, supervise, and control our organization through proven performance-based management.

  • Construction Management Professionals and Licensed and Registered Engineers and Architects
  • USACE, CQM Certified Professionals

541310, 541330, 541320, 541350, 541611

Core Services

  • Contract &


    Contract & Program Management

    We provide a full range of contract and program management of engineering and construction services to meet the growing demand for efficient and effective capital project delivery. Read more
  • Construction


    Construction Management

    With extensive experience in the field of Construction, FNG has decided to take a management approach to help other entities grow and succeed in what FNG made their name from. Read more
  • Design & Field Engineering


    Design & Field Engineering

    We ensure incorporation of sustainability and adaptability for future conditions into designs to reduce long-term operation and maintenance costs and ensure the completion of all design. Read more

Our Projects / Clients

At FutureNet Group, client service and satisfaction are of the utmost importance. We take great pride in what we deliver to our clients on a daily basis. Our projects throughout North America and Asia are a prime example of that mindset.

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