We provide highly reliable and cost effective medical and radiology transcription services to the health care community. The team is made up of over 25 security cleared and certified medical transcriptionists with an average of 10+ years of experience that can ensure high quality and quick turnaround, at the client’s place of business or off site.

Our four-step process ensures quality service to our clients:

  • Dictation: Via dictaphone, digital recorder, or secure server via regular phone line
  • Transcription: Over 25 security cleared, certified medical transcriptionists with 10+ years of experience transcribe voice files to text files
  • Quality Check: For context errors as well as spelling and grammatical errors
  • Delivery: MS-Word documents delivered to client via email, server upload, direct mail, or in person. All transactions over the Internet are performed by 128 SSL bit encryption for complete patient and provider confidentiality and HIPAA compliancy. Our quality transcription system uses DVI system technology, provides support on a 24/7, 365-day schedule, and fully conforms to all privacy, encryption and Veteran Affairs dictated guidelines

Case Study

Medical and Radiology Transcription Services

Client:U.S. Department of Veteran Affairs - Office of Inspector General (VA-OIG)

The VA-OIG needed a reliable transcription service provider to accurately transcribe the testimony from interviews with employees.

  • Interviews are captured using a digital recorder and copied onto physical CD media as WAV files
  • Source files are downloaded onto a secure FTP site and are accessible to the transcription team
  • Keyword index accompanies reports to help with analysis of lengthy witness testimony
  • Communication lines are all fully compatible with the mandatory VA-OIG secure system (PKI)
  • Documents are transcribed by medical transcriptionists with an average of over eight years of experience
  • A staff of five proofreaders read 100% of documents before uploading to the secure server
  • Errors are corrected at no charge within two hours of notification; our quality control rating is currently above 99%
  • Continuous monitoring of staff coverage and staffing levels provide the best TAT and quality.

Results: VA-OIG has been able to receive all its transcription requests within the desired response time, quality, and cost. Having a database of the transcribed reports has allowed the VA to efficiently and accurately respond to all administrative investigations.